• Let There Be Light: Installing Skylights in Your Home

    When it comes to brightening up your home, there are a few options you can consider. First, you can purchase accent lighting to illuminate different spots, or you can keep blinds and drapes open to let in more natural light. While these have their benefits, there is one solution that can be much better overall: the addition of a skylight. Adding a skylight to your roof creates brilliant, natural light all year round without having to increase your electric bill as well as keeping your privacy. 

    There are several types of roof skylights for homes, but if you’re going to install one, then you want to make sure you do it the right way. At Price Rite Roofing & Siding, we highly recommend using high-quality curbed skylights with energy efficient glazing. While there are cheaper plastic units, they typically don’t seal as well and are prone to cracks and leaks down the road. In addition to the quality of the frame and lens, there are vented and fixed skylights. Vented skylights can open while fixed remain sealed. Most customers prefer a fixed skylight because to open the vented panels you need a special rod, and many people find that to be too much of a hassle. Ultimately it’s at your discretion, but a fixed skylight would probably be your best bet. 

    When it comes to where to install your skylight, it depends on the size and type of your roof, as well as your floor layout. Many people enjoy skylights in the bathroom as these rooms typically don’t have adequate window lighting. If you do decide to install in a bathroom, just make sure that it has proper ventilation to reduce the possibility of condensation on the glass. While older skylights were just a single pane, modern installations have various coatings to provide tinting and UV reflection. This can be necessary for especially sunny locales, as the light coming down can increase room temperature. Modern skylights are rated by the National Fenestration Rating Council so that you can find your ideal glass. At Price Rite Roofing & Siding, we recommend against tinted glass as this limits the amount of light coming in. However, if too much light does become an issue, you can install skylight blinds or skylight shades relatively cheap. 

    Finally, when it comes to the skylight installation itself, you need to consider the type of roof you have. Traditional roofs with rafters can accommodate small and large size units, as the beams can be cut and reinforced relatively easily. However, if you have a trussed roof, they are designed specifically to carry a particular weight load, so you will not be able to alter the trusses. In this instance, you either need to stick to a smaller size skylight or group several together between trusses to create a larger surface area. 

    If you’re unsure about getting a skylight or want to know what options you have, contact us at Price Rite Roofing & Siding, and we can help you figure out what will work best for your home. We service Cuyahoga, Lake, Lorrain, Medina, Akron, and Summit Counties.  

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