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    Brunswick Ohio Roofers You Can Trust

    As a premier home improvement contractor, Price Rite Roofing & Siding is proud to be able to serve the Brunswick, Ohio and all Medina county areas. We've been working since 1983 to keep our neighbors comfortably dry in their homes, simply by offering them essential services that help to prolong the lifespan of the roof as well as the home's structure. We've enjoyed many days of sunshine, approximately 161 of them, every year since we've been here. We're sure that you enjoy the opportunities for outdoor recreation as much as we do throughout the four seasons of the year, but honestly, it's the weather that we receive that is often responsible for the deterioration of our roofs, windows, and siding.

    In Brunswick, we get about 37 inches of rain each year along with 58 inches of snow. While our gardens appreciate the rain and the kids get a kick out of the snow, all of this moisture takes a toll on our homes. If your roof begins to show signs of deterioration before you notice it, there's a good chance that other types of damage are going to occur. A leaky roof can damage the interior of your home, including the ceiling and walls. Old siding and trim can also experience deterioration over the years as the result of the natural aging process and the weather.

    Paying attention to signs of damage can help you to keep your repair costs low and affordable. You don't need to worry though, because we only fix what needs to be repaired. If it isn't broken, we don't fix it. If something is in need of repair, we provide our customers with solutions and let them choose what they want to do. While our hottest day might only reach 83 degrees and the coldest one only drops down to 19 degrees, temperatures also affect the structure of your roof and siding.


    Our Roofing & Construction Services

    As a local roofing contractor based in Strongsville and serving the Brunswick, Ohio Medina county areas, we know what it takes to keep your roof in tip-top shape! In addition to installing a brand new roof, we offer the following home improvement services:

    • Roof cleaning to clear your gutters of roofing debris, leaves, branches, insects, bird droppings, algae, and other types of debris. This task prevents clogging, which can lead to water buildup that damages the integrity of roofing shingles.
    • Gutters and downspout maintenance to keep them free of debris so that rain and melted snow can drain properly. We also install replacements.
    • The installation of vinyl siding and trim is an inexpensive upgrade that beautifies a home easily.
    • Replacement windows are important to help maintain the interior comfort of your home while also preventing leaks from the rain or snow.
    • Attic ventilation is important for the quality of your interior air.
    • Skylights can brighten any room, allowing the sun to shine in on you.


    Roofing and Vinyl Siding Services

    As a family-owned and operated business, we strive to deliver quality at all times - in our performance, our products, and our services. Superior craftsmanship and quality customer service are our two primary goals, and we deliver them for each job. We only sell you what you need. We can always come back five years later to replace a roof that needs it, so why do it now if all you need is a few shingles replaced? If you'd like to get some information on the options available today for a new roof, gutter cleaning and repair, or vinyl siding and trim installation, or just to check if we're running any specials in the Brunswick area. please call us. We'll be glad to discuss your options.

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    My name is Doug Coyne, founder and president of Price Rite Roofing & Siding. We are a local family owned roofing company based in Strongsville, Ohio and we would love the opportunity to treat you as a member of our family! After completing a tour of duty with the United States Navy in 1986 I took a position with a Cleveland area roofing and siding company as a general laborer. For nearly 30 years I have continued in these trades working as an installer, an outside sales representative with a large Cleveland area building materials distributor, an estimator for several of Cleveland’s top roofing and siding contractors, branch manager of a national siding materials distributor, and operations manager for a Medina county based roofing and siding company. For nearly 30 years I have either heard from customers or witnessed firsthand, most every failure of remodeling contractors to follow through with the superior quality of workmanship and customer service they promised to provide for their customers.

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